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Welcome to the only Happy, here are pictures and text of articles in newspapers and magazines!

Clothes interest was the starting point for your own business

Eva-Marie Happy are interested in a clothing mother of two who got tired of boring range of breastfeeding clothes and decided to sew their own. The whole team wanted her mom to buy them and it became the starting point for the clothing company whose bara Glad clothes actually fit all women, not just nursing.

Eva-Marie Happy gave birth to her second child four years ago, her first had come to be eleven years, and she was disappointed when she discovered that the range of stylish nursing clothes were still bad.

- I am fond of fashion and nice clothes and had no desire to dress in plain shirts just because I would breastfeed. In addition, the models were such that it clearly appeared that there was breastfeeding shirts, which made it on the shelf when breastfeeding was over, "says Eva-Marie Happy.

New model and patterned

Eva-Marie Happy looking up patterned fabrics in bright colours and sewed their own jerseys. Because all mothers in the maternity group became interested in Eva-Marie began to understand that she was not alone in that lack this type of clothing. She then began to experiment with both cloth and patterns.

- I wanted to create a model that was delicious and convenient but has not looked like a nursing shirt. A garment that could be used also afterwards. Breast-feeding time is not so long and it becomes an expensive sweater if it only used a few months, "said Eva-Marie Happy.

Designs and their own business

The result was a unique, registered design model, practical and good at breastfeeding but equally attractive to all women, regardless of time in life. Eva-Marie Happy became self-employed "in the coup" and the company now operates bara Glad em AB with a full collection of stylish, practical and easy to wear clothes. She designs himself, all models and creates their own fabrics. In 2008 spring collection are many patterned garments but also some solid colour.

- I've really got very positive feedback from women such as "finally someone who makes beautiful peaks and not just practical t-shirts" and that was exactly how I felt. Lactating women want to dress nicely, not just practical. It gave birth to me and it just Happy, "said Eva Marie Happy.

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